Monday, May 23, 2005


32c worth of chemicals Posted by Hello

Like me, you're scared silly of God, and therefore dig deep for dirt on Him. This is excellent, 'cause it saves me the trouble (notice I have 2 of your blogs on my blogroll).

But you guys! You can't escape religion!

It's a default condition!

Religion is just "... how we choose to understand the most important events in our life. Birth, death, charity, compassion, sacrifice, joy, love, home, community and sustenance. Do we see a distant father? A loving mother? A family of ancestors? A kind teacher? A great warrior? (Jason at, 4.17.2005)."

In place of Mother or Father, I suspect you see Inanimate Universe. Birth? 32c worth of chemicals in a jar suddenly springing into life. Death? Said chemicals seeping back into soil. Love? No such thing; your groove with others is to study them -- at a distance. Emotion? Blocks your "objectivity" and so is your Deep Sin?

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Kensho Godchaser said...

I used to be an atheist. I found it empty and meaningless.

You hint at something that most atheists don't often discuss: atheism is often born of a disgust with Christianity. Whenever I find atheists dissing religion, they're usually belittling popular Christian concepts such as salvation through Christ, creationism, the notion of a God who meddles directly in human affairs, etc. I think that if most atheists widened their perspectives, their belief in the absence of God would either waver or cease to exist altogether.

Athana said...

Yeah, I wonder if 99.99% or more of atheists are born out of a disgust of Christianity. Have you ever known any pagans who've thrown up their hands in disgust and become atheists?

And if atheists widened their perspectives, they'd surely come to see that all of us have to answer "Where do I go when I die," etc., and that how you answer begins to define your "religion."

Anonymous said...

Sorry kids, can't let you all talk bad about atheist without one actually responding!
Athana: "Have you ever known any pagans who've thrown up their hands in disgust and become atheists?"
I know one... ME! Yes, I concidered myself a wiccan from age 15 to about 22. I cast spells, prayed to the mother goddess... all that. Then I realized my "faith" was really just based on the fact that I liked the "concept" of being a witch. I didn't actually BELIVE in it all. That, and I thought sprinkling dragonsblood on a flame was cool. IOW, I GREW UP! True, it wasn't out of "disgust" of wicca. Wicca's far too silly to warrent such a strong emotion.
I could go on inviserating all of you, but I have REALLITY to deal with. So keep smacking stones together hoping for rain.

Goddam Liberal said...

I'm an atheist, and I'm disgusted with Christ-insanity, along with Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc. (I have a sneaking regard for Buddhism, at least the more advanced versions that are more philospohy than religion.) But the reason I'm an atheist is not disgust, I simply am not able to believe something that makes no sense. I suspect that's the main difference between atheists and religionists. The latter choose to swallow a pre-packaged, pre-digested bunch of ideas, and if they are aware of the inconsistencies, contradictions and absurdities of that package, they simply choose to believe the package anyway. I'm simply not capable of doing that. I can't choose what to believe or disbelieve. If something makes sense, is consistent, and well supported by the evidence, I have no choice but to belive it. If not, I have no choice but to doubt it. Feel smug and superior if your wish, but that's the way I am.

Athana said...

I hear ya, goddamn liberal, when you say you are "simply incapable of believing." I was an atheist for many years for the same reason. Then one day I realized I believed in reincarnation. I didn't ASK to believe in reincarnation, I didn't consciously WANT to believe in reincarnation (although you could say I might have unconsciously wanted to). I didn't TRY to believe in reincarnation. And no one tried to talk me into believing in reincarnation. It just happened. I remember marveling at it and telling friends about it. At that point, I was still what you would call an atheist in all other respects, however. My strong belief, however, is that we all have a "religion," if you define religion as the basis for which you answer questions like "Where do I go after i die." Stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm an atheist, by defintion I don't believe in a god, so how would I be scared of one? (and why did you refer to "God" as "Him" when your tagline is about pushing a female god?)

Do you confuse "atheist" with "android"? You say: Love? No such thing; your groove with others is to study them -- at a distance. I love so deeply! My life is filled with love! Where would you come up with the idea an atheist doesn't have feelings?? Do you need your god to be able to feel love?

For your other questions - how do I choose to understand birth, death, charity, etc?

Birth - one of the hardest things I've ever done, giving birth, twice.
Death - the end of one's consciousness. Not to spoil your party.
Charity - a quality I strive for
Compassion - another good quality
Sacrifice - have I talked about being a mother?
Joy - again, have you noticed I have little ones?
Love - ditto
Home - ditto
Community - it takes a village to raise my children!
Sustenance - good for the body & mind

Having the religious blinders ripped off has made me feel clear headed for the first time. I see! I understand how precious life is, how fragile, and I kiss my kids daily.


Anonymous said...

athana said And if atheists widened their perspectives, they'd surely come to see that all of us have to answer "Where do I go when I die," etc., and that how you answer begins to define your "religion."

Please widen my perspective.

Where do you go when you die?

just curious,

Athana said...

See my June 9 post for "where we go when we die." (In the early societies, the power that governed the universe was not a male deity whose symbol of authority was a thunderbolt [Jehovah or Wotan] or a weapon [Zeus or Thor]. Rather, the conception of power focused on the power to give, sustain, nurture, and illuminate life, symbolized by a Great Goddess, FROM WHOSE WOMB ALL LIFE ENSUES AND TO WHOSE WOMB IT RETURNS AT DEATH).

Anonymous said...

Religion is a default position? Ignorance is a default position. Default positions are not necessarily desirable.

In the earlier societies, the sacred deities were animals - sources of food. I find such belief to be far more rooted in reasonable thought than the magical belief in an abstract supernatural deity of alleged human gender. Genders are for biological reproduction and we operate using a fuzzy binary system (although a host of in-betweens also exist - male and female classifications are simply arbitrary assignments of terms to fuzzy definitions, as are the classifications of species).

To imply that one's deity is a female also implies the existence of a male and vice versa. It's simple English Composition or Geometry class protocol. If you have an "A", you must have a "B".

That and the fact that one is no more giving of life than a mule without the other.



tenesha rown said...

I am an atheist and I think it is sick how all religions preach love but all their actions create is hate of anything that is different news flash some of the most intelligent people in history books are freethinkersso it is not ironic that theiropinions were different than the norms of their times people bash atheists but philosophers never killed any prists but priests have killed many a philosophers I leave you with this two working hands can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer have foith in YOURSELF only sheep need sheperds