Saturday, May 21, 2005

SOONER Than You Think

Yesterday, Kensho Godchaser offered this comment: "Do you expect everyone will eventually come to a Goddess path? That's my hope and my dream as well, but I doubt whether I'll ever see it happen."

In my opinion, most of us will eventually walk a Goddess path, and I think this generation could see it happen. Ideas can take hold like wildfire and sweep the forest in a twinkling. History and archaeology show Goddess to be the Right Idea; logic shows it. Already there's a husky portion of Christians worshipping Goddess (Mary) over god. Male gods not only don't work -- they devastate and debilitate -- as both history and logic demonstrate.

Just now I walked from my porch (where I blog) into my living room and picked up The Chalice and the Blade off the shelf. Leafing through it, I see I was right: the author, Riane Eisler, spotlights the idea of abrupt bursts of social change. In the past we thought change was mostly gradual. Now, Chaos Theorists and New Physicists are surmising otherwise (pp. xxii ff in my copy). According to Eisler, the Bronze Age shift from Goddess to god was an overnight lunge in human culture. How appropriate, then, that the Goddess's return be an overnight lunge in reverse.

BTW, if you haven't read The Chalice, run your fingers right over to or wherever, and order your copy now! The Los Angeles Weekly's plug for it: "The most significant work published in our lifetimes ... might make the future possible."

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