Tuesday, May 03, 2005


It's taken me a while to realize that when I talk about the Goddess, I talk from under two separate and distinct hats, so to speak. One is my social science hat, under which I see the Goddess sociologically as a very good bet for the human race.

The other is my spirituality hat, under which I experience the Goddess directly myself, in everything I see, hear, taste, feel, do or imagine.

I guess I just wanted to clarify this. I'm not an anthropologist trying to shove something onto the human race I know nothing about personally. On the other hand, neither am I a lone Goddess worshipper content to keep bliss for myself while the world bleeds under God the Father. Or while the human species I love disappears into the sunset because it couldn't extract itself in time from this Monster.

No, no, now wait. I guess the real reason I brought this up, is this: I want to distinguish myself from GodFather proselytizers. I have to admit that, like them, I hold a deep desire that the rest of the world adopt my spirituality. And, like them, the goal is to save the world -- through my own and no one else’s spirituality.

So what’s the difference? It’s this. I’m able to pop on my academic hat, step back, and with the cool eye of the scientist, academic, and statistician, say, “Look. The cool/calm scientific evidence points to God the Father as damaging, dangerous and deleterious to the human species.

“And that same evidence points to God the Mother as the turn-around, jump-a-bail-of-cotton, 180-degree opposite: healthy, health-producing, species-building, and splendiferous.

“So I recommend that we slam on the brakes with God the Father, jump outa the car, and dump him for God the Mother. And LET‘S BE QUICK ABOUT IT!”

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