Tuesday, May 31, 2005

LOVE by 2025

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In her post yesterday, SPIRAL CRONE describes a celebration honoring a friend's 40 years in the priesthood. At one point she says, "It is so affirming to be among people who honor and care for each other, ... for an individual to be surrounded by people who acclaim him and love him, publicly and enthusiastically."

I got excited! This is exactly what I want for us. A goal: by the year 2025, all of us following the Goddess Path will be "surrounded by people who honor and care for us, who acclaim us and love us, publicly and enthusiastically." Okay, there's the goal. Now. How do we get there?


Morgaine said...

Sounds great! Any particular reason you've chosen 2025?

Athana said...

morgaine, I'm glad you asked.

First, 25 is a nice, round number. Well, okay, not as round as say 100, or 50, but it does fit nicely *into* those two round numbers 100 and 50.

Second, it's kinda famous -- 25 years! -- a Quarter of a Century! Whoo!

Third, it's somewhere inbetween "I can't wait to get there" and "I can't see how we could get there in that short of a time."

And of course you need goals to get anywhere. We can always change it later if need be. Say 2025 is sneaking up on us, and we haven't had anyone glance our way yet. Then we might want to move to 2035. Or whatever.

Athana said...

Oh, and also, morgaine, a major goal of the blog is "To replace godfather religion, by the year 2025, with GodMother spirituality." (see Apr. 2 post.) So 2025 is The Big Year in general here at the radical goddess.