Sunday, May 29, 2005


Goddess Posted by Hello

Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes; so did the Goddess Demeter of Eleusis -- long before the time of Jesus.

Jesus turned wine into water; so did worshippers of Dionysus -- long before the time of Jesus.

Jesus healed the blind; so did priestesses at Ninevah -- long before the time of Jesus.

As a matter of fact, in Jesus' day, "Healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out devils, handling poisonous serpents, etc., were so commonplace that [the Roman scholar] Celsus scorned these 'Christian' miracles .... 'The magicians of Egypt cast out evil spirits [and] cure diseases by a breath .... But because they do such things shall we consider them the sons of God?'"

See Barbara Walker's lavishly documented The Women's Encyclopedia for more.


ashleyalvina said...

Perhaps it is not the act done, but the power the act is done by. Is there actual historical evidence that these godesses performed these tasks? Are those documents credible by people outside your belief system?
Just wondering...not trying to be rude...

Athana said...

Yes, there is actual historical evidence that these Goddesses "performed" these tasks. The evidence comes from academic, professional historians, not thealogists or theologists. The historians got their information from ancient religious texts.

Morgaine said...

Ash - where is the "actual historical evidence" that Jesus even existed, let alone performed miracles. It seems strange that no one mentioned him during his life. Even the New Testament states in what are supposed to be his words that "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of Israel".[Matthew 15:24]

His teachings were only extended to include Gentiles by Paul, who never knew Jesus. If one assumes that Jesus did exist, and said the things attributed to him as his own words in the Bible, then only Jews can benefit from his teachings, and he is unconcerned with Gentiles.

Keep in mind that Paul is the author of Christian Legalism - not Jesus. The misogyny and intolerance all come from him. Why does he have any more authority in your eyes than Muhammed, or Joseph Smith, who also claimed to have received subsequent words from "God" that are supposed to supercede or complete the doctrine that came before them?

Notice that Jesus' words show him to be tolerant of all people, disdainful of the wealthy, and a lover of peace. Then notice that Paul, Muhammed, Joseph Smith, the Popes and numerous others who claim to be hearing the words of "God" always proclaim a doctrine that is more authoritarian than the teachings attributed to Jesus, and more restrictive. Mary Magdalene was the first disciple of Jesus, yet she's been denounced as a whore - she wasn't - and women are not allowed to be priests? Do you honestly think Jesus would support war for ANY reason?

Faith is fine, but don't you think being a Christian ought to be centered on the teachings of Jesus, rather than others who pretend to know better than he?