Sunday, October 30, 2005

Women Die Out in 20th Century?

What will future archaeologists make of the world as we know it? Elizabeth Gould Davis has a startling, but convincing theory:

“’Remarkable’ is the word invariably employed by archeologists when they come upon evidence of the former dominance [I would say “co-dominance”] of women. ‘Remarkable’ will be the reaction of archeologists of the eightieth century, digging in the ruins of the lost civilization of the twentieth; for any evidence that women even existed in the last few centuries of the Christian era will be utterly lacking. Future archeologists will find that all our statues are of men, all our coins bear male likenesses, the cornerstones and capstones of all our public buildings are carved with the names of men only, and all our archives preserved by chance in subterranean caves will deal solely with the deeds of men…. Eventually one of our future archeologists will come up with the astounding theory that Christian era man was able to reproduce himself … anthropogentically and, like the Amazons of old in reverse, murdered his female offspring* and reared only the males.”
From Elizabeth Gould Davis, The First Sex, Penguin 1975, pp. 74-75.
*Current theory suggests Amazons did not kill their children, and that they consisted not of women alone, but of both sexes.

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