Friday, October 21, 2005


Out of the discussion Morgaine, ursa, andygrrl, anonymous and I had today, I discovered a gold mine: Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save The World, by Jungian analyst Jean Shinoda Bolen, author of runaway bestseller Goddesses in Everywoman, Crones Don’t Whine, etc.

Speaking of whining, my furnace began whining late last winter about retirement, and I have been trying SOOO hard since to sit on my credit cards. When that old geezer quits, I need a feisty fistful of cash for his successor. However, from its title alone you can see why I need to be forgiven for whipping out those cards for this book!

Mother’s “Urgent Message” is the same as Barbara Walker’s (see Wednesday’s post): it’s up to Goddess-oriented women to save the world. Bolen gives scientific evidence why men can’t, and why women can (save the world).

A few review snippets:

Gather the Women … is an urgent message from [the] Mother [Goddess] to her Daughters … to end conflict and violence in the world.”


“[Bolen] points to a fascinating UCLA study proving that women react to stress differently than their male counterparts. Instead of the "fight or flight" reaction, women have a "tend and befriend" response as a result of an increase in oxytocin, the maternal bonding hormone. While men become more adrenalized and aggressive, women nurture and protect—biologically. From this and other compelling evidence Bolen makes a strongly convincing case that now is the time for women to lead—to fiercely protect all that we love.”


“Bolen explains Rupert Sheldrake’s Theory of Morphic Resonance, which describes how societies and even species can undergo rapid evolution when they reach a tipping point. She explains that "we’ve learned that women gathering together in groups and telling the truth of their lives can actually change the world."


[from a male reviewer]
“I discovered this book because I came to the conclusion that the right wing in the USA and fundamentalists throughout the world are engaged in a huge backlash and war against … women, women's rights, and the feminine archetype. I concluded that their reaction is a last dying paroxysm of resistance to a trend that is inevitable -- that women regain the rights and privileges they had thousands of years ago, before agriculture and the hierarchical culture and slavery it produced appeared -- when goddesses and priestesses were common and when women shared in leading society.”

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ursa said...

If force is a sledge hammer, choice is a precision instrument. We need to replace male force with female choice.

Andygrrl said...

Oooh, well said Ursa! ::writes that down::