Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Know anyone who needs a primer on Witches? Send them on over to Anne the Goat Judge at The Gods Are Bored. And you might wanna skip on over too -- even if you think you're an ace on Witches. Even you might pick up a few startling tidbits you didn't "possess" before reading Anne's....

By Anne Johnson
Author of Goats I Have Known and Loved

"1. Sorry, Sabrina. Witches are mortal. They are human beings. They begin as babies, grow up, ask a bunch of questions, get wise, get wiser, get wiser still, pass along some wisdom, and die. (This is also true of druids.) Sorry, Philip Pullman. Witches don't live any longer than anyone else, unless they exercise, eat right, and avoid tobacco and alcohol.

"2. Before they became ugly crones with no teeth and green skin, riding in the sky on broomsticks or snuggling up for sex with demons, witches were DOCTORS. Yes, doctors....

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