Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Liberal Hillbilly left a thought-provoking comment a few days ago on the “How’d Amazons Get Their Name” post (Oct. 22). He said women won’t be able to govern in today’s world unless they play by the rules of the patriarchy:

“Women have to play the game the way men do if they don't want men to win, because it's our game and we made the rules. That is the unfortunate aspect of society at-large.”

Go HERE to read his entire post, because it’s good, and I’m not doing it justice.

In my mind, what The Liberal Hillbilly’s comment boils down to is this: how DO we replace the patriarchy with something sane?

Here’s my short version of the patriarchy: 4000 to 6000 years ago, a large group of mentally-ill people overpowered the sane people of the world. To do this, they used methods the sane people had had no experience with: institutionalized violence and a bizarre, anti-woman, violence-worshipping culture. The result: most of the world today lives under that criminally-insane culture in which violence is the meat of every meal, and woman-destruction is the dessert.

Now what I hear you saying, Liberal Hillbilly, is that the only way we can rid ourselves of this culture of insanity is through violence.

I disagree.

That’s what this blog is all about: taking back the world by changing it from the bottom up, and non-violently. And we do this by re-introducing the overarching symbol, the deep organizing principle, that our last sane ancestors had: the feminine, maternal deity.

The Great Mother is one of Carl Jung’s famous archetypes. An archetype is “a predisposition to respond emotionally to certain categories of experience residing in the collective unconscious.” The Great Mother Goddess is a powerful tool that automatically evokes human love, tenderness, caring, and so forth.

I think we can use the Great Mother as an archetype to heal ourselves. I think we can use Her as a superordinate construct to mend ourselves from the ground up. I think when we do this we dilute the patriarchy sufficiently to break its back.

Getting the Great Mother archetype grounded across the globe will result in a global human psyche incompatible with war, violence, hierarchy, domination, and the other mentally-ill tools we’ve been using to organize our human communities for the past 6000 years.

On Aug. 5, I posted a “Goddess*Peace Timeline” for moving from a god to a Goddess world by the year 2025. That same day, Morgaine at The-Goddess posted her own timeline. Our timelines focus on the media, politics, and grass-roots organizing as vehicles to broadcast the connections between god and institutionalized violence on the one hand, and female deity and peace on the other.

I think we have several things going for us, here -- not the least of which is the phenomenon of the “tipping point,” and the fact that the world is rapidly shrinking.

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ursa said...

Do we need violence,no but we need to be aware of how the Patriarcy may use it against us.Liberal hillbilly is right going low has its advantages, but low acts require silence ,not to gain ,but to maintain those gains and the silences are breaking.As Athana pointed out in another post women talking in groups, through the web,ect is a powerful means of building our alliances and finding out just how strong the Mens club is, however when it can no longer hand its members Us on a platter ruptures will appear . We have to do some difficult talking the first thing we are going to have to heal is the Madonna /Whore rift, mens version of divide and conquer. And we have to learn to put our loyalty to each above our loyalty to our men, then our alliance will equal thiers.Goddess give us stength.