Saturday, October 08, 2005


anne the Goat Judge at "The Gods Are Bored" weighs in on Harriet Meier:

"Welcome to 'The Gods Are Bored,' where we never fail to underestimate the stupidity of the current president!

"He's nominated a person to sit as a judge on the nation's highest court who has never been a judge before.

"That makes me more qualified than her. I'm a renowned goat judge. I've done a lot of judging in my day. This is my 20th anniversary, in fact. If you have a goat, I'll tell you what I think, fairly and squarely.

"There's only one little tip-off as to this candidate's complete inappropriateness for the job to which she has been nominated.

"Today's newspaper quotes her as calling George W. Bush 'the most intelligent man I've ever met.'

"In the humble opinion of the entire staff of 'The Gods Are Bored,' that proves this judicial candidate is probably a poor judge of when it's safe to cross a street."

I guarantee that if you visit anne HERE, you will not leave without giving up a belly laugh or two. Or three.

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