Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Don't Send $ to Red Cross?

"The harsh truth that I must report to you is that the federal government and Red Cross relief efforts are still a disorganized, embarrassing mess with little or no help reaching most people -- this more than a month after Katrina. It is the freelance guerilla efforts like ours that are getting through. We aren't waiting for approval and we aren't stopping. We will make sure Bush and Co. pay for their failure later, but right now hundreds of thousands are homeless, hungry and in need of medical attention. And the rest of us have a responsibility to help them." ~Michael Moore

Thanks to Morgaine at The-Goddess for this.

Everyone knows Bush & Co. can't bear government. And they’ve ID’d a fabulous way to prove government doesn't work! Just smash at it when thousands need it to survive!

At any rate, might be better to send our donations to people like Michael Moore than to established organizations (who might be beholden to the Bushies).

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