Monday, October 10, 2005


The geographer James DeMeo has admitted that his academic colleagues are “subtly evading the obvious," i.e., that the ancient Goddess-worshipping Minoans were probably technologically superior to their god-dominated contemporaries:

“In short, there is a subtle evasion of the obvious, a reluctance among contemporary scholars to consider that the peaceful matristic Minoans could have been technologically superior to the patristic, war-dominated societies of the region.”*1

The Minoans were mind-bogglingly sophisticated: 1,200 years before the ancient Greeks, they boasted multi-storied apartments, running water, city sewers, steam heat, primitive flush toilets connected to exterior sewage systems, primitive steam power, woven fabrics, movable type-faces (took Gutenberg another 3000 years to reinvent these), ships with square-rigged sails and multiple oars, and light-wells allowing natural light into all rooms of their large buildings. Also, “primitive bi-metallic batteries have been suggested [for them] in archaeological findings.” *2

Another writer, Charles Pelegrino*3, thinks that

“…had not the Minoans been … destroyed, their rate of technological development was so rapid they might have developed rockets and landed on the moon by the time of Jesus.” *3

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The picture is a reconstruction of the "palace" or "temple" of Knossos. Who knows what it was? Sometimes I think it was a combined shopping mall, government building, and religious center where you could also settle in a small cafe for a nice glass of wine.


Morgaine said...

Awesome - you know, I honestly think that is the key to getting through to people - educating them about all that we lost in the shift to monotheism in general, and Christianity specifically.

Grian said...

I seem to be running across the Minoans where ever I go lately. I recently wrote a paper on the Goddess symbolism in their artwork (much of which was found at Knossos). Facinating stuff.