Sunday, October 16, 2005


It’s The Land Down Under again! – only this time I traveled south to visit them – to the home of one “An Australian Anarchist.” (And, technology being what it is, as I traveled I sat on my New England sun porch and watched pumpkin-orange leaves drift off the trees.)

Turns out that An Australian Anarchist (AAA for short) has read the sizzling Gregory Paul Study – you know, the one that shows god is worse for you than a case of the Asian bird flu? AAA, however, puts a more positive spin on it than I do: he titles his post “Better Off Without God.”

So, without further ado, and for your reading pleasure, here are a few snippets from AAA’s look at the Better-Off-Without-God Study:

Paul’s graphs show far higher rates of death among the under-fives in Portugal, the U.S and Ireland and put the U.S. – the most religious country in his survey – in a league of its own for gonorrhea and syphilis.”


The U.S. is the only rich nation with teenage pregnancy levels comparable to those of developing nations: it has a worse record than India, the Philippines and Rwanda.”


Three sets of findings stand out: the associations between religion – especially absolute belief – and juvenile mortality, venereal disease and adolescent abortion."

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Also, go to my Oct. 11 post to read more about the Paul study, and to get links to the original report in the refereed Journal of Religion and Society.

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Chris said...

Hello Athana, Australian Anarchist here (aka Chris). Glad you enjoyed the post on the effect of religions on society and thanks for the link to me 'umble blog. I'm a committed anthiest myself, so was not really surprised that religious belief has a damaging effect on socviety.

Best wishes to all and hold onto hope for the future...