Sunday, October 09, 2005

To O. Snowe on H. Miers

Dear Senator Snowe:

I urge you to vote against the nomination of Harriet Miers to the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to the fact that she has almost no experience for the job (no experience in constitutional law or as a judge), she is also an open fundamentalist Christian who (as I understand it) heard God call to her in her law office.

Recent important new research suggests an exceedingly high and almost perfect correlation between the degree of “religiosity” of a country and the mental health of its citizenry, specifically its rates of homicide, suicide, infant mortality, teen pregnancy, and other social ills. The most prestigious newspaper in England, the London Times has a summary of this study HERE.

The study itself, published in The Journal of Religion & Society, may be read HERE.

Even before obtaining this concrete evidence of what many have heretofore feared – that certain religions cause, versus prevent, human misery, I had been deeply concerned about the eroding boundaries between church and state in this country. Harriet Miers will help blur those lines even further. And if placed on the Court, she would potentially harm millions of Americans for the next twenty to thirty years to come.

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Lisa said...

I've been hearing a lot being made over the fact that these people say they've been called by their god for this or that, and it usually gives me the impression that people think they're nuts for thinking their god talks to them... I'm sorry, but the Goddess talks to me every day. Of course, she doesn't tell me to go to war with Iraq or preach hateful and bigoted anti-choice rhetoric, but I am dishearted to think that pagans think Christians are nutty for saying they speak with their god. I'd rather the fuss was made over what they think their god tells them, rather than this "s/he hears voices" hatefullness. Leave that to Tucker Carlson and his collection of bow-ties.