Thursday, September 22, 2005


Fall Equinox: 100% balance between light and dark. A major spoke in the Great Goddess's always-turning wheel of the year.

In Maine, days are still balmy, but mornings are now raw reminders of the coming of ice, snow galoshes, extra money for snow removal; move the cars before snow-remover guys get here so they don’t bury them (the cars); no more green anything until May (or sometimes June). But – I can see the hill in back, because it’s not hidden by tree leaves anymore! That's nice.


Anne Johnson said...

It's September 23 and my parrot is still living on the front porch. Extremely balmy here. Must bring him in to help me with assignments next week.

I think the dominators took over when the human population began to explode at the end of the Ice Age. In a hunter-gatherer society, no one is more important than the pregnant woman. Her child will grow to be a provider.

Farming requires territory, which requires warfare to obtain. Being able to produce a surplus fostered greed, the worst of the deadly sins.

My sermon is now complete. Please give freely when the plate comes to you.
==Pastor Anne Johnson

Athana said...

Welcome Pastor Anne!

You and your plucky porch parrot are so lucky, living as you do in balmy lands. I should take a lesson.

I am sometimes enamored of your hunter-gatherer theory, especially since it does do a tidy job of explaining away many of the facts centering around a few little items you mention -- greed, sin, war and surplus, for example. However, there is one problem: there's a smidge of time between the first farmers and the first warring -- like about 4000-7000 years, give or take.

When my postman delivers it, I wanna read the book I so enthusiastically mention in my Sept. 16th post, *SAHARASIA: The 4000 BCE Origins of ... Warfare and Social Violence ...* before committing myself. If farming began around 8000 BC, and war about 4000 BC, then we have a bit of a lag to explain away, here.

Athana said...

Also, there is a fairly pretty correspondence between gods (who got big around 3000 BC) and war (which got big around then, too).