Thursday, September 01, 2005

god-boy BUSH

Well, I’ll give you the god-boy’s talent for stealing the White House. After all, he did manage that twice. But theft seems to be both the beginning and end of god-boy’s talents. Don’t expect much from him if you don’t need something stolen, because it wouldn’t be fair to ask the man for much of anything else.

When Clinton was in office, he began strengthening the New Orleans levees; when god-boy got in, he slashed the levee budget and threw all the money into prostitution and drugs. Smart! Now all the New Orleans prostitutes, dope dealers and drug addicts are dying in the New Orleans convention center along with the elderly (lying dead in their wheel chairs), and other miscellaneous peoples (lying dead on the ground under white sheets). You can see them if you step around the piles of feces everywhere.

It’s just not fair to expect more than one talent from a guy who failed every civilian job he ever had, barely squeaked through college, has probably never gazed upon the inside of a book (I wonder: did he, in college? Or did Daddy buy him a personal reader?), can’t speak his own language, and sat huddled in a ball of fear in a kiddie classroom after hearing terrorists were bombing his country’s largest city.

god-boy also sent the Louisiana National Guard -- who could be helping right now with the Convention Center feces -- to Iraq.

And what was god-boy doing AFTER the hurricane began? Well, from what I heard, he was just hanging. Around his ranch. Like he hung after 9-11. With the little tykes. Where he was safe.

I wonder too -- does Bush know what the word “p-l-a-n” means? He had none in Iraq, now none in Louisiana. But you know. New Orleans is where the Pagans have that Mardi Gras thing. Is it really fair to ask a born-again to leave his ranch to save a city of Pagans?


Anonymous said...

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Rae said...

Don't forget his 'thrilling' interview with Diane Sawyer...lemme see if I have this quote right (forgive any paraphrasing):

Diane: "Mr. President, with all the media coverage, is there one particular scene in New Orleans that has affected you personally?"

Bush: "I like the one with the family on top of their roof waving the American flag."

Um....excuse me... LIKE?!!! How can you like something like that?

I weep for the American people, but especially for the folks in New Orleans.

Athana said...

Yeah, rae, I was in New Orleans for the first time a few years ago, for Mardi Gras. What a fabulous old American city. What a long history. How that city knew/knows how to live life!

It strikes me that our mistake is in thinking there’s someone running this country. There’s no one running the country. The country is running amok. We have Baby Huey in the White House, and Fox News has convinced a critical mass that Baby is our Prez.

Andygrrl said...

The hurricane itself was bad enough, but how the government has handled the crisis is absolutely disgraceful. I can't even find language strong enough to articulate my disgust. Let's ignore the scientists and environmentalists shouting about wetlands and erosion, let's deprive finds from the levee system to fund an illegal war, let's have a shitty evacuation plan, and we'll just leave everybody to fend for themselves, cause they're mostly poor black people anyway, and who gives a fuck about them, right? Everything happening now is just too little, too late.