Tuesday, September 27, 2005


This nuts-and-bolts review of Walker’s wonderful Restoring the Goddess might make a short but valuable introduction for your friends new to Goddess or feminist studies. The author seems new to both areas. A few snippets:

Walker states that Goddess images have produced more tolerant, peaceful, kind and caring societies than the God image. How many wars have been fought in "God's name?"

I recall as a young girl, I was forced to attend church. I never understood WHY I had to bow down to a god that held nothing for me. He wouldn't even let me attend to him; I couldn't approach the altar. I had to wear a hat to show respect, while the men did not. Why was I so much inferior to men? I could give life; men can only take it violently away.

Walker writes that if Goddess beliefs were to become more widely held, a link with Mother Nature would bring us all closer to the Earth itself, closer to environmental causes, preservation of our Mother Earth.

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