Monday, September 05, 2005

About ANGER: The Goddess Says:

When my children are hurt or threatened, anger is a consequence. Anger is the fuel that gives you power, in times of trouble, to aid my children – your earthly sisters and brothers. But refine your anger. Don’t let it overpower you. Learn to feel it, but also to stoke and control it as you would a cooking fire: keep it large enough for heat, but not so large as to consume and destroy both you and your aims.


Andygrrl said...

Well said. Reminds me of one of my favorite Audre Lorde quotes: My anger has meant pain to me but it has also meant survival, and before I give it up I'm going to be sure that there is something at least as powerful to replace it on the road to clarity.

Athana said...

How well put. What a woman Audre is! I'm glad you shared that. I think that every human, when provoked, feels and expresses anger. Not a matter of choice. The only choice is *how* you express it. Where does the anger go, what does it do, does it keep you and others warm, or does it burn down the house?