Sunday, September 25, 2005


Here’s a recent article from the New Age Journal about Men and the Goddess. I’ve lifted a few interesting snippets from it:

Men are Starved…”
“‘Because we've been born into a culture where the Goddess has been demonized and kidnapped, men are starved for contact with divinity that has the feel of the Feminine--or even simply for nurturance and unconditional love. Men therefore turn to the women in their lives to fill that void, and that puts everyone in an impossible position.’" [statement of a male Goddess worshipper]

“I Don’t Need You, Mom”
“But despite the rewards of the Sacred Feminine, men have been slow to embrace the Goddess. And some are steeled in opposition. That troubles Mark Roblee. ‘I don't like the backlash against feminism I've seen in some quarters of the men's movement, for example,’ he says. ‘I think men need to stop saying “I don't need you, Mom.” That's a necessary adolescent individuation process, but it shouldn't become a spiritual practice.’"

“Orestes Killing His Mother…”
“Campbell [a male Goddess worshipper] sees the re-emergence of Goddess spirituality as the answer to the social and environmental problems that haunt Western culture. ‘In a sense, we've acted out the myth of Orestes, where the son has to kill the mother,’ he says. ‘As a result, we've become a crazed society. You can see it in the emptiness of the faces all around you in any American city.’"

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