Saturday, September 10, 2005

Flash: Mo. Goose Rises from Grave

Mother Goose is so impressed with Georgie Bushlet that she rose from her grave today and wrote a new nursery rhyme – her first in over twenty decades, titled "Georgie Porgie #2." She’s expecting it to become as popular in nurseries as Georgie Porgie #1. She hopes it will, because when the world collapses from Georgie’s kiss of death, she says we’ll need an oral tradition to remind us why we’re swimming in a cesspool.

Anyhoo, Mother ran the rhyme over to me today, and I told her I’d post it. Here it is:


Georgie Porgie
Puddin’ and pie,
Kissed the States and
Made them cry.

Georgie Porgie
Crumpets and tea,
Spread our waste o’er
Land and sea.

Georgie Porgie
Leaked a lie,
Attacked Iraq and
Made it cry.

Georgie Porgie
Puddin’ ‘n pie,
Kissed Iraquis,
Made ‘em die.

Cindy Sheehan
Called his name.
Georgie Porgie
Felt no shame

When the finger
Pointed his way,
Georgie Porgie
Ran away.

Georgie Porgie
Puddin’ ‘n pie
Left New Orleans
High and dry.

Michael Brown
Got outa town,
Watched New Orleans
Sink and drown.

Now my country’s
Shrouded in shame,
Georgie Porgie’s
Wrecked its name.

Come you children
Fan the flame,
Time for the game of
Blaming the lame.

Georgie Porgie,
Go away,
‘N don’t come back on
Any dang day.

Georgie Porgie
Puddin’ and pie,
Kissed the States and
Made them cry.

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Morgaine said...

You is truly a Goddess - ha ha!

Tell Ma Goose I said "hey!"