Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lon as Prez?

Lon Cheney Posted by Picasa

What's the solution here? If we impeach Bushy, we inherit Richard Lon Cheney. If we impeach Cheney, we get who? The Speaker of the House, right? The current Speaker seems to be one Dennis Hastert. Dennis WHO? Who's ever heard of Dennis Hastert?!? Boy, are we sitting in pickle juice up to our armpits.


Lisa said...

And if we just let Bushy keep getting himself further and further mired in horse shit, we can get Hillary in '08...

Athana said...

I hear you. Wouldn't it be a thrill to get Hillary in the White House?!

I just signed an impeachment petition, however, and I'm going to post it in a few minutes. Why? First, I don't want RoveBush to up the ante to distract us from Katrina. What's next? A small nuclear device exploded over Hawaii and passed off as the work of Korea? I'll believe anything of them, now. Second, if we moblize to impeach them now, we have a group mobilized to put Hillary in office in '08 (and, to take back Congress in '06!). Third, impeachment will help smear and tarnish these Radicals so Americans won't want to vote for them anymore.