Friday, September 09, 2005

Another Goddess Woman

Another Goddess woman: Oprah Winfrey, who, in contrast to our national leaders, dared journey through the horror that was the Katrina aftermath:

Winfrey wore a gas mask as she toured New Orleans' now-empty Superdome, which housed thousands of people in disgusting conditions for several days.

She says, "Nothing I saw on television prepared me for what I experienced on the ground."


Anne Johnson said...

Still having computer problems.
Fabulous political commentary throughout week. The German - Iraq thing is right on.

The press was not allowed to interview Katrina refugees flown to the Blue Northeast in airplanes.

Beautiful goddess prayer, endorsed with enthusiasm by the bored gods!

Athana said...

Oh, yes, there'll be a giant clamp placed on the mouths of The Press for quite a while, you can bet on that. I was shocked to see a picture of a dead and bloody body last night on CNN (at either the Super Dome or the Convention Center, one of the two hell pockets New Orleanites got trapped in). But then I found out that it was a pic taken by one of the trapped. Last I heard, reporters who've tried to get to dead bodies are being threatened+.

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Here's to all the bored high-tech gods taking pity on you -- immediately.