Sunday, April 17, 2005


Without God the Father, wouldn't we all be pillaging and plundering? "Daddy's gone! Daddy's gone! Begin sacking and despoiling!!!"

Somehow I don't think so. Here's a juicy clue: "Every survey ever undertaken of the composition of the criminal population reveals a percentage of the avowedly religious higher than a random sample of the population will show" (George B. Vetter 1973, Magic and Religion: Their Origins and Consequences, New York: Philosophical Library, pp 479-80).

In other words, every survey ever done on criminals shows criminals more "religious" than the general population. Now, I have a feeling that before 1973 (when Magic and Religion was published) most Goddess worshippers were deep in the closet -- in prison or not. So you know who that leaves answering these surveys. Yep, the Godfather guys.

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