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THE GREAT MOTHER'S 42 Commandments

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Wow! I didn't know this. Forget about Jehovah's Ten Commandments -- the Goddess had 42! At least in ancient Egypt, She did. These were "The 42 Admonitions of [the Goddess] Ma'at."

Many think Moses copied his commandments from Ma'at's admonitions. (And "commandment" is so patriarchally pushy compared to "admonition," n'est ce pas?)

Below is a smattering of the 42 (some of the ones I omitted were probably added later by Egypt's patriarchal invaders -- the ones who came charging in with male gods, pharaohs, hierarchy, and the whole patriarchal mess).

The Admonitions of Ma'at:

I have not expropriated food
I have not caused undue pain to anyone
I have not made another weep unjustly
I have not robbed another
I have not slain an innocent person
I have not spoken lies
I have not set my mouth in motion against any person
I have not become enraged except with just cause
I have not inflicted terror on innocent people
I have not committed offence
I have not caused grief
I have not stirred up strife
I have not judged hastily
I have not multiplied my words (to confound)
I have not dealt deceitfully
I have not acted guilefully
I have not been an eavesdropper
I have not harmed anyone or done evil
I have not fouled the water
I have not made my voice haughty
I have not committed theft
I have not done what is wrong (to my neighbor)

The entire 42 Admonitions

Here's another site about the ethics and morals of ancient Egyptians; keep in mind, though, that both it and the other site above are about patriarchal/pharaohonic Egypt.

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