Wednesday, April 13, 2005


In the animal kingdom, "Mother" means unconditional love. You can be a plug ugly, driveling idiot, and Mom adores you. Conversely, "Father" loves you (if he's around at all) on condition -- that you're a dynamite little hunter, that you stay out of his hair, etc., etc.

If "Mama" is our overarching, superordinate role model, then we will behave toward the world with unconditional love. The world will thrive. If "Daddy" is our overarching symbol, we behave toward the world with conditional love. Strings attached. The world fares less well.

I call this my "Mama Loves, Daddy May" theory. More on it in later posts.

Oh -- almost forgot. Atheists. The role model atheists use to explain where we all came from and where we're going is Science. Science doesn't love. We are 32c worth of chemicals. Under Science, the world shrivels up and blows away.

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