Friday, April 29, 2005

Barnstorming Brunhilda & Sweet Bedelia

Go here for a thought-provoking overview of the Goddess Movement by Shan Jayran that's also bubbling with captivating questions.

For example, if the Goddess is "Earth Mother of all," isn't she "inadequate to the case of justice for each"?

Presumably the author means this: if we're all Mom's children, Mom loves us equally. Therefore, when Barnstorming Brunhilda clobbers Sweet Bedelia on the noggin, Mom won't lift a finger, because she loves one as much as the other.

But Mom will lift a finger. She doesn't want Her baby Bedelia hurt!

But does She punish Brunhilda? No. She adores that overbearing powerhouse of energy, too. So instead of punishing, She teaches Brunhilda the "correct" way to behave.

With Mom, there are lessons, no punishment; schools but no jails.

At least that's my view. What's yours?

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Morgaine said...

That link doesn't work - can you send it to me? I want to see what she says.