Wednesday, April 27, 2005

FOR TACKING ONTO the Courthouse Door?

I am the eternal Goddess.
All races are my children....
My body is the earth.
Reverence me and mine.

A few seconds after I read it, this simple four-liner suddenly punched me hard. If the entire world revered a Mother Deity, wouldn't we all feel duty-bound to treat everyone like sisters and brothers?

And the earth would be our mother's stomach, back and legs. Who'd wanna even walk on it hard, let alone trash it up?!? Of course all this sounds very familiar to North Americans -- there's a lotta evidence that many Native Americans had this idea all along-- before the patriarchs among us cut them off at the knees.

Only kidding, though, about tacking this verse onto the courthouse door. I am still, and always will be, a firm believer in separation of "church" and state.

BTW, thanks to the wonderful Grove of the Sprial Goddess
for the verse.

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