Saturday, April 30, 2005


It's so simple. God the Father is toxic. Not banal or neutral, but lethal and deadly.

God the Mother is not banal or neutral, either. She is a cornucopia of peace, love, adventure, fulfillment, endless challenge.

But for millenia, using any means available, the GodFather Machine has drilled it into our heads that good is bad and vice versa. Pleasure is nasty, pain is joy. War is noble, peace is for sissies. Male gods give birth, goddesses don't.

This last is so funny I wanna fall on the floor laughing. "Oh, oh, oh! Dad's feeling labor pains! Get him to the hospital quick, I can see baby's head pushing through from his third right rib!" Or, "Jeez, Mom, gun it! Dad's got a splitting migraine from this baby trying to spring forth from his head!"

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Morgaine said...

It would take a man to tell such a stupid story and another man to believe it. Seriously, do they ever stand back and say "Damn - that doesn't make any sense at all" ? Why not? Are they that f***ing stupid? Or is it too profitable to feign ignorance?

Either way, it's got to stop, and we've got to stand and call them liars at every turn.