Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sometimes I get so FRUSTRATED

Been cruising cyberspace today. Pretty scary out there. People and large chunks of the planet getting pushed down, picked on, and downright pulverized in many cases.

And everyone seems certain they have the answers: conservatives and progressives, fundamentalists and pagans, etc., etc. Lotsa people showing signs of stress and depression.

But it just seems so simple to me: The human species once lived in Paradise. Without war, violence, or hierarchy. We did it once, we can do it again.

And the way to do it is by dropping the Father Gods and putting Mother Gods in their place. Just cut those old Daddy gods out of the picture, and put Mommy Gods in there, instead.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm doing it too -- being certain I have all the answers.

But it's just so damn logical! I get frustrated when others can't see it.

Mothers stand for unconditional love. If Mother is our major overarching metaphysical symbol, then we will treat each other and the planet with what? Unconditional love! From there, everything else falls into place. For women AND men.

Of course not all human mothers love their children unconditionally. Let's face it: human mothers have been living in patriarchal hell for millennia now. It's a wonder any of them can get out of bed and draw a breath in the morning, let alone love Billy even IF he demolishes the neighbor's prize-winning petunias and smears tar on the living room walls. (These are actual examples, btw, from my brother Jeff's early childhood).

Left to their natural predilections, however, 99.99% of healthy mothers love their children no matter what, no strings attached, come hell or high water.

Besides, we also have the archaeological record. It shows that, in all probability, humans prospered wildly under a Great Mother Goddess, and then IMMEDIATELY fell flat on their faces as soon as Daddy God muddled His way into things.

Now to my academic friends who are wildly waving arms and shouting "Gross generalization! Gross generalization!" I reply, yes, this is a very, very gross generalization. What you are reading, however, is not a 400-page Harper & Row nonfiction special, but a weblog. My readers have only so much time in a day. They have other bloggers to read besides me, you know.

And see, you academics never finish anything. Everything is in a constant state-of-theory. Few things ever reach fact-status. The planet needs answers from us academics now -- based on our best hunches. And my best hunch is that, given all the available evidence, when humans lived with a Mother Goddess, most of them, by and large, prospered in ways we can only dimly imagine. We've been down so long, in other words, we have no idea what Up looks like.



Hu said...

I like your thinking, but am having trouble sending you a comment. I'll keep trying.
Hu Custer

Think I made it. Wish you would look at a post I made The Demise of Men (I may have the name a little wrong, but then I am an 82 year old, retired, physics professor. LOL

Athana said...

Hu, you made it! Thanks for keeping on trying. I'd love to look at your post. Where did you post it, and I'll go visit.

I'm concerned that you had trouble sending your comment. What kind of trouble was it?


flaunitarian said...

You're nuts.

Morgaine said...

Not only is she not nuts, she's damned right.

HU - I want to read it too! Somebody send me a link!

Hee hee - about "Amen".... I've yet to find a Christian who can explain to me why Jesus told them to end their prayers with an invocation of the Egyptian sun god Amen-Ra. Maybe you could ask Cousin Doris?