Sunday, April 03, 2005

Geminiwalker, I love ya!

Dear Geminiwalker,

With great pleasure, I read your review of Sjoo and Mor's The Great Cosmic Mother. I can't get it out of my mind!

"The only drawback of this book," you say, "is that once you read it, once you *get* it, you will never be the same again. And if more people *don't* read it, those who *do* get it are going to be very lonely and hard to live with people."

That's me! I read the book in the eighties, and I have been lonely ever since. Not to mention crabby and hard to live with.

You probably know how it is. Sjoo and Mor enlightened us about how the "Godfather" religions have stripped us all -- men and women alike -- of anything but subnormal, abysmal existences. And we've been down so long we don't even know what up looks like.

And then you offer this from the book: "Because the enemy does not exist in space, but in time; four thousand years ago. We are about to destroy each other and the world, because of profound mistakes made in Bronze Age patriarchal ontology -- mistakes about the nature of being, about the nature of human being in the world...."

Anyway, yesterday I began a Blog to try to get this crabbiness out of my craw. My blog is dedicated to replacing "Godfather" with "Godmother," before the year 2025. I know that doesn't leave us much time, but you know what they say about goals: just set 'em, and you can always change 'em later if you need to.

My only problem is, I can't find anyone else on the web writing about ridding the planet of God the Father. Isn't there anyone out there brave enough to take him on?!? Would you happen to know of any site I might have missed?

Anyway, please visit my new blog, at:


P.S. I'm going to try to put a link on my blog that will send people to your review at Amazon. Hope it works. I'm new at this.


...geminiwalker said...

Thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Oh, I would love to be able to "tip over patriarchy" as we used to say, but it remains a long, lonely road. The only thing that keeps me going is the quite obvious evidence that it is self-destructing. If I'm still around, I plan to be picking up the pieces and teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony -- as soon as I figure out what that means!


Athana said...

Oh, so true. We all have quite a bit of discovery to do about "perfect harmony" -- since none of us has ever seen it. Thank you for visiting, geminiwalker.