Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Cause

The Cause is to heal the world, to make it human again. To fix priorities. To save the planet. How? How to reach unimaginable heights of human health and wellbeing? Of planetary health and happiness? By ridding the world of "Godfather" religion, and replacing it with "Godmother" religion. Too simplistic? Nope, I don't think so.


To begin, on this blog, a dialog about strategies and methodologies regarding the three goals below:

1. To demonstrate to the world, by 2015, that the long-lost Godmother religions produced unparalleled peace, prosperity, social equality--and men more manly than can ever be imagined!

2. To demonstrate to the world, by 2015, that this unparalled peace, prosperity and marvelous manhood came to a creaking halt as soon as the Godfather stepped on stage.

3. To replace Godfather religion, by the year 2025, with Godmother spirituality.

1. Mafia don; brutal leader of a brutal social order. 2. A deity at the center of a male-principled religion.
Godmother: 1. Fairy who lovingly intervenes to aid mortal humans. 2. A deity at the center of a female-principled religion.

Godfather Religion: Any religion centering around male deity. Ex.: Christiantiy, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, ancient Roman religion, ancient Greek religion, etc. Commonly associated with war, social inequality, sex inequality, poverty, disease, and often slavery.

Godmother Religion: Any religion centering around female deity. Ex.: Ancient Minoan religion, ancient Catal Huyukian religion, Old European religion, ancient Sumerian religion, ancient Maltese religion, ancient East Indian religion, and doubtless hundreds more as yet unearthed by archaeologists, historians and others. Commonly associated with long-term peace, lack of human-on-human violence, social equality, sex equality, and physical and mental health.


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Does Ancient Egyptian culture fall into the Godmother Religion? Women seem pretty important to it.