Thursday, April 21, 2005

Goddess Thealogian MUZZLED ...

... And the Goddess Movement wins a truckload of free publicity!

Harvard Professor and Goddess thealogian Carol Christ (above) was barred last month from speaking at Santa Sabina, a Catholic college in Australia.

Said Bishop Porteous of the Archdiocese of Sydney: "[I]t would be inappropriate for a talk promoting Goddess worship ... to be held in a Catholic venue."

"This of course has drawn far more attention to her lecture ..." says Jason Pitzl-Waters of The, "causing Christ to reassess her influence on the Catholic Church:"

"I didn't think the Church was paying attention to me," she said.

Dr. Christ is one of the preeminent leaders of the Goddess Movement. I'm sure we can count on the Catholic Church to broadcast the news of the Movement far and wide. I suspect there may even be more of this kind of free publicity in future!

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Morgaine said...

The Yaj boys can dish it out, but they can't take it. Why are they so afraid of a little competition? Could it be they know in their shriveled little hearts that Mom is coming back and She's pissed?

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't yet another example of a White woman attempting to bring African beliefs to the masses.

African beliefs and history need to be taught by AFRICAN people. The idea of a White person attempting to reveal and "teach" African beliefs to the masses (including Egyptian religion & faith) is Eurocentric at its core and rooted in paternalism.