Saturday, April 02, 2005

God people, I love ya!

Let me say this, you wonderful God people out there: I respect and love you, but I also respectfully think that the number one reason the world's in the mess it's in, is because everyone stopped worshipping God the Mother a while back, and turned instead to God the Father.

Hopefully both Goddess and God worshippers will visit my blog, here, not to mention atheists. I suspect all of you, when they get here, will be dismayed -- at first.

I can hear The Goddess people saying, "Look, we're just trying to grab a toehold here with our news that God is a woman. Do you have to butt in and get the God guys all riled up about us so soon?"

Well, the answer is, yes, I think I do.

Some of the God guys are getting real pushy here of late, and I started thinking about this weblog way back in the eighties (well, not exactly a weblog back then, but I did jot down a lot of notes about all the troubles the God guys were causing).

And I can hear you atheists saying, "Oh, just throw it all out!" Well, I'm just not so sure that the human species is smart enough, yet, to carry on without some kind of religion (more about this later)....

KEYWORDS: Goddess, Goddessing, Goddess spirituality, Goddess religion, feminist spirituality, thealogy, thealogical, did you know that Mother Goose is really an anagram for Mother Goddess (she was secret code when goddess worship went underground)....

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Laura Witten said...

I believe in one God, the God of the Bible - except that the Bible was translated from God to written words by MEN, not women. I think that may have taken the feminine side of the one true diety out of our modern age. The closest modern Christianity comes to realizing a feminine deity is the Catholic worship of Mary, which, as a protestant, I find unjustified and misplaced.

I became fascinated with "the feminine" and the goddess theories starting with the Davinci Code. I have read several Templar-related books and the goddess theme is very strong in that era.