Sunday, April 01, 2007

I’M JUST Asking

“NEW YORK (AP) -- An anatomically correct chocolate sculpture of Jesus Christ infuriated Catholics and even led to threats, but the artist says offers to buy or exhibit the piece have been pouring in.” MORE >>>>

I don’t get it. Nobody gets exercised when viewing an “anatomically correct” [i.e., nude] sculpture of Goddess. What's up with Jesus's body? Some physical defect Daddy God's hidden from us all these years? Are Catholics ashamed of J's beautiful body?


Paul said...

Its strange isn't it ? But the tragedy is how J's followers have led to such hang ups about the body. For the patriarchal faiths nudity and impurity always go hand in hand - indeed the hand should never stray :)
This connection also lead to absurd discussions about Jesus being born of Mary by kind of floating through her womb because a normal birth would be way too "unclean".

Athana said...

You're right, Paul, that is the tragedy -- what deep dislike of our bodies Jesus engenders. In a way, this nude black Jesus is maybe the best thing that's happened since ice cream, 'cause it gives us a chance to ponder what humongous harm he's caused. Can't deny that the YAJ (Yaheweh/Allah/Jehovah) religion has done some good in the world, but that good is way overshadowed by all the bad -- the wars, the violence, the disgust with our gorgeous bodies (and everything that goes with them: sexuality, touch, sound, dance, etc.). And let's not forget the denial of our humor.

Anne Johnson said...

Just when I thought there was nothing new to give my kids in their Easter baskets!

Morgaine said...

What gets me is that they now take it to the extreme that not only was Mary a virgin, but her birth had to be "immaculate," too.

With all this focus on virgin births, you'd think they'd believe in parthenogenesis!