Sunday, April 22, 2007


The VA Tech story is plastered all over our news to blind us to two gaping holes just shot into our national landscape:

(1) Partial-birth abortions made illegal last week. So now, if you need an abortion to save your life, too bad, sucka. Die, girl, die!

(2) Six fired US Attorneys: Why’d the White House fire them? Because they were investigating friends of the White House. Last Thursday the Senate grilled the firer, Mr. Alberto Gonzales. Did the mainstream news cover it? Hahaha, hardy har har!

Imagine: your sixth-grade class bully can fire teachers and principals he doesn’t like. After which he hires dudes who, while he bullies you, promise to look the other way.
Thnx to jassi nain23 for the foto


Morgaine said...

Outrageous. These people have destroyed the integrity of a department that used to be independent of the executive to the point of antagonising them. They're supposed to be the watchdogs, not lapdogs.

Gonzales should be tried for treason because of his architecture of our new policies on torture. Vile, stupid animal.

Athana said...

Well put, Morgaine. No one with any brains who's following this story can doubt that the Bush Crime Family is trying to fix things so that Dem politicians are all destroyed in one way or another, leaving only Republicans to run the country.