Friday, April 20, 2007


Why are we mourning for Virginia Tech as if the sun had died? Haven’t the Mother’s children been dying dirty deaths all month and all year? Aren’t Her children our children?

In Iraq our children died and still die dirty deaths, in Darfur our children died and still die damnable deaths, in New Orleans our children died and are still dying ugly deaths.

So I was a bit taken aback to see the news saturated with these few Virginia deaths when so many have been ignored.


lizz.duff said...

Your pictures are haunting, Athana.

And, yes, oh, yes, 500 killed per day in Iraq and we do not blink, for the Other Children. But flags at halfmast for VTech.

We need you, Goddess. We are a culture in terminal decay. We need you.


Anonymous said...

Athana, I agree 100%. too many other deaths have gone unnoticed. granted, what happened at VTech was bad; but these other tragedies need to be brought to light.


Aquila ka Hecate said...

News! It's all about the media!

When some emotional cripple goes berserk and slaughters innocent students, it's big cash headline news.
But when a six year old wanders off the road to die of inhaled glue, alone- we don't even know about it.

Except that we do know about it, down deep somewhere, and we're all going crazy because of the knowledge.

Terri in Joburg

Morgaine said...

The tragedy in VA Tech was predictable and easily preventable. You know those frat boys he roomed with snickered at him and did nothing to help him. When a teacher threatens to quit if you don't get a kid out of her class, and the college doesn't take action except to offer the dept. head a body guard, that becomes their fault.

And who the hell thinks it's ok to sell guns to a guy who has been hospitalized for suicidal tendencies? Why does it matter if he went voluntarily? If you threatened to burn down my house, I'll be damed if I'd sell you matches!

It grieves me that people are so unaware of the suffering of children in Africa, India, Iraq, and so many other places, including the US - we are the only developed nation with a rising infant mortality rate, you know - and that ignorance keeps us from taking proper action. These babies don't have to die. I don't want men in the uniforms of my country killing babies and they ARE. We have enough to feed everyone but we don't. We have medicine that doesn't make it to the sick people that need it.

Goddess help us find our hearts and our humanity; give us the wisdom to save these children and the will to do it.