Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yesterday, Bes wrote:

You're right, we do need to throw out the entire judeo-christian system but my fear is that to replace it with a matriarchal system would be a new face to the same thing…. Peace to you, Bes”

Thanks Bes for your thots.

It seems your hidden assumption is that a Guiding Mother Goddess would drop men under the thumbs of women.


Healthy mothers don’t stand aside while sisters sit on brothers. Likewise a Guiding Mother deity wouldn’t allow her human daughters to throw around her human sons – or vice versa. Like all healthy mothers, She teaches us to treat each other with unconditional love and regard.

Bes, I don’t think pantheons of co-equal male and female gods would produce equality among humans. As you’ve pointed out, men and women have different skills – and mothers rule when it comes to role-modeling for all of us.

It’s hard to imagine this new world I’m painting -- we’re so steeped (imagine a tea bag in hot water) in our violent, winner-take-all, me-first bully world of sexually-uptight boot-lickers.
Thnx to EnBee for the foto

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