Saturday, April 14, 2007


Is democracy possible for nations thickly under the thumb of Jehovah, Allah or Yahweh ? Elie Elhadj says "Not!":

"Elie Elhadj, Ph.D., explains why … a democratic Arab-Muslim {American} nation is nothing but fantasy. "Arab {American} people obey a hierarchical authority…. Muslim Arab {American} political and religious leaders raise … Islam {Christianity} in a shield against democracy … to protect their power.

Constant preaching by Islam's {America’s} religious leaders, instructing Muslims {Americans} to blindly obey their leaders, has created an attitude of political quietism in regard to the tyranny of Arab rulers {pResident George W. Bushlet}…."

Shamelessly adapted from a book review of The Islamic Shield: Arab Resistance to Democratic and Religious Reforms, by Elie Elhadj. Go HERE to see the entire review
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Morgaine said...

The very essence of patriarchal religion is that it is designed to support and maintain a hierarchical system. There's nothing Democratic in the Old Testament. Jesus, assuming there ever was such a person, was a Socialist, but the Yaj conglomerate is strictly elitist and they want it that way.

When you hear the Xtians whining about destroying the American family, what they really mean is that we are destroying the advantage for men built into this system. That can't happen fast enough for me.