Sunday, April 15, 2007


If we can’t persuade people to stop pounding on others, our only choice is to box them away where they can’t pound. Far from being ugliness or revenge, this is plain commonsense.

Since George W. Bush and Company have hurt, maimed, tortured and killed millions -- and continue to do so -- through not one but many avenues of ugliness – we must box them up.

Through their anti-environmental actions, through their love of fighting over talking it out, through their crushing of our U.S. Constitution and government, through their inability to put themselves into the shoes of others and to see the needs of the seventh generation, they have pushed us to our limits.

Their thumbing their noses at the environment might have pushed the Earth over the edge. As duff wrote yesterday, “…some climatologists predict: ‘...before this century is over, billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of humans that survive will be in the arctic region where the climate remains tolerable.’ THE REVENGE OF GAIA, by James Lovelock, 2005.”

The Great Earth Mother speaks: Now is the time to rope Bush & Co., hog tie them, and drop them behind bars. If and when they show clear signs of rehab, then and only then should we untie them.

For the love of humanity, is there anyone out there with enough courage and intelligence to get these people put away where can’t blow billions of us off in an easy afternoon’s romp through the power halls of the planet?


Morgaine said...

We have to impeach them first. Dennis Kucinich took the first step today with HR 333, which brings Articles of Impeachment against Cheney. Go, Dennis, Go!

Athana said...

I can't wait to see how this is going to unfold!

Anonymous said...

I've heard all the democrat candidates want withdrawal of troops so they've been forced to shift their position, which is good. Be good to see if we could get them all to support impeachment.

Demand paper ballots and don't stand for any more gerrymandering of the electoral districts.

Also expect a sudden "crisis" that would justify more troops. The democratic candidates have changed their mind once and may be looking for an excuse to do so again.