Thursday, April 05, 2007


When the Goddess handed out Spring, Maine was at the tail end of the line.


Paul said...

Oh it looks very beautiful. Snow seems a thing of the past here in the UK which is worrying. Dare I say today it is a clear blue sky and around 19 degrees Celcius.

My partner and I are making our very first visit to the USA in May - 3 weeks touring New England. I guess the snow will be well and truly gone by then.

Athana said...

Paul, bon voyage! Hope your trip is even better than you expect. Having been to the UK, it seems the only thing we might have here that you don't (other than snow) are Indian reservations. You might want to trek on up to Indian Island in Old Town, Maine (near Bangor) to see the Passamaquoddy reservation there. I'm not sure too many people know about it.

Sorry to hear about the snow (or lack thereof) in the UK. Our weather here in Maine is stranger than usual too. It is very worrisome.

At least in southern Maine and below, all snow will be gone by May. I can't vouch for northern Maine, however, and if you really want to see snow, try the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire --I've heard they sometimes still have their snow in July.

It'd be great to hear a report on your trip when you get back!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

..and talking about strange weather, we're now having days and days of rain on the Highveld.

This is definitely not correct for this time of year(almost Winter).
We're supposed to have chilly, dry Winters with high, blue skies from about March.

Instead, you blink and suddenly there's a fleet of menacing nimbo-cumulous clouds above you!

Strange times, indeed.

Terri in Joburg

Davo said...

Am interested to see if your Goddess(s) actually manage to seep across the Equator.

Festivals of Spring in your part of the ancient mythological world ..

Autumn, and the prospect of Winter in Australia.

Paul said...

Thank you for the tip about the Passamaquoddy reservation. My only other trip across 'the pond' was to Quebec Province and the one thing that struck me they had in abundance which we lack in these small islands is SPACE and lots of it. Vast forests, endless mountains and roads you can travel for miles without seeing a soul.

Anne Johnson said...

Just back from a road trip with the kids. We froze our butts off in the mountains of WV/MD/PA. We didn't have accumulating snow, but it snowed every day. It was still snowing this morning (? Sunday).

Vera Nadine said...

I'm with you baby, Massachusetts must have been only one step ahead in line. My Ostara eggs (wishing for peace and good health for women everywhere) were going to go into the ground, but will now have to wait till hmm...let's see, maybe June or so. Still the snow here on Mt. Wachusett didn't get as deep as yours did. I look to the stars and sing out, calling for sunnier days.