Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Ah, family! Cousin Doris complained yesterday that I’m horrid and heartless.

“The very democracy you claim to defend,” she says, “you want to give to everyone EXCEPT the Christians. You want to tear us down in any way that you can---and don't even deny it.”

“Dear Doris,” I replied. “No, I don't deny it. I'd adore it if Christianity were deep-sixed.

“Notice I didn't say ‘Christians deep-sixed.’ My religion doesn't spin tales about how others will be treated to zillions of years of torture after ‘good’ people are ‘raptured’ up to heaven.

“It's simple, Dorrie: you're worshiping the same primitive god Osama bin Laden does. Think upon it: your bible men strut around in Osama's pretty desert skirts, his turbans, his beard, on his desert sands, and with his tantrum-throwing, two-year-old-baby 'god' at their sides.

“Give him up, Dorrie, and dance on over here to our side. Let’s fight that baby-god sucker together, and clean up the planet.”

thnx to jawahar2006 for the foto


Anonymous said...

You're right, we do need to throw out the entire judeo-christian system but my fear is that to replace it with a matriarchal system would be a new face to the same thing. Women and men are in such disharmoney because we are not following the roles that our Creator Goddess and God intended. We are meant to act together in unison with each other. We are different but equal and there are reasons for that. There is a goddess and there is also a god and I think that one of our biggest problems is that we ignored one for the other. I was raised in a religious cult and began to study the feminine beliefs a few years ago, at first my anger at the males in my life made me really go for it, but after a while I started to realize that the male aspect of the Creator needed to be recognized [maybe not AS much] along with my divine Mother. I just think there needs to be a balance. Peace to you, Bes

Morgaine said...

Oh, anonymous, have I got a concept for you...

Women came first. Women are the majority. We made the mistake of letting men have power once and you see where that has gotten us. We need a structure that is formed around women, but inclusive of men. Ultimately, there is one gender and many genders; All gods are Goddesses and all Goddesses are one Goddes.

Morgaine said...

oops! That's GODDESS.

And Athana, love, you crack me up. Doncha love it when a fundie comes unarmed to a battle of wits ?