Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well, Dears, what are your Easter wishes this year?

Mine: The Bush Crime Family impeached and put behind bars for forever and ever, amen; Nancy Pelosi bringing the War to a screeching halt, may the Goddess Oestre see to it all toute suite, so be it, amen and amen again!

Blessings to all of you, and don’t forget: if you’re good this spring, the Moon Hare will lay many golden eggs for you!
thnx to hunny for the foto


lizz.duff said...


May Goddess-lovers disagree?

I accept your loving Easter wishes!

But I curdle over Nancy Pelosi. She muscled our very few Champions of Peace into voting to FUND the war, not oppose it. Her bill delivers the "prize" this war is all about: it gives Anglo-American oil companies unfettered access to Iraqi OIL. Under Saddam, the Butcher, at least Iraqis controlled their own oil. Military Families Against the War said it best: "You cannot both oppose the war and fund it." Pelosi gives a face to the Collective Cowardice of the Democrats. They had a chance to oppose fascism and war. They declined. They, and she, are gutless. Come 10/08, what will we have? Continued slaughter of Americans and Iraqis.

I consider Pelosi complicit in war crimes.


Athana said...

Oh, Duff, yes, I love it when we disagree! Gives our little arena some spice and punch.

I confess I've been out of the news loop lately. So I'm not totally up on the war funding.

However, I do know that the bill Nancy got passed included a timetable for ending the war.

In other words, "We'll give you just enough money to get the troops out safely, Mr Shrub-Head."

And Shrub-Head has promised to *veto* Nancy's bill -- simply because she put the timetable in.

And now she's being smeared by tons of pundits et al.

And from the advantage of his bully-pulpit, Bush-Head is telling America the troops are going to suffer, and that it's all Nancy's fault, because she and the Congress refused to pass a budget that *he* (King Shrub-Head) approved of.

The sad fact is, Shrub-head does have that veto power. So unless the Dems compromise with him, we'll get absolutely nowhere. And even then we may get nowhere.

Whaddya think?

lizz.duff said...


Yes, it is very good for Goddess folks to creatively disagree about fine points of WarGod oppression and murder--always mindful that we few Goddess-lovers are united in resisting his mayhem, and living lives that embrace peace, love and Her.

Here's my skinny on Nancy. She, and the Dems, are fronting for the Reps (may we call them by their rightful name: fascists?). This veto dance is carefully choreographed to give us common folks the illusion that meaningful opposition to the war exists in Congress--it does not, I'm afraid. The Dems and Reps are the flip sides to same coin: oil, empire and endless war. Nancy's bill has loopholes big enough to drive a fleet of humvees through. The Chief Fascist has (4) options to suspend the troop withdrawal provisions of the bill. Nancy's bill is a political charade.

Remember sitting in your Maine rep's office with your friend who got arrested? That was the Occupation Project. The simple goal of the Project: de-fund the war. If you give the fascists the money--and Nancy gave $20B MORE than Bush asked for--they will fight this war, and the next, and the next. Nancy and George will find a way to kiss and makeup, "in the interest of the troops", Nancy and George will have photo ops---and 500 Iraqis per day will continue to die... until when?

The worst mistake Goddess folks can make is to underestimate the corrupting powers of the WarGod. He has been having his way for so long, he has learned all the ugliest tricks--like convincing women like Nancy they must squander principle and the most basic human-loving instincts, so she can advance her power base.

The face that we have a female third-in-line to the presidency should be a cause for rejoicing. I don't think it is. We have an old-fashioned double-talking pol in a skirt.

Want to see the real Nancy Pelosi? Check out her comments about attacking Iran. Truly scary stuff, that is echoed by all Dems. Next WarGod war comin' up. Blood does not slake his thrist for more blood.

Join me in the streets and offices--resist the next war before it begins! The people don't want another war. Goddess needs us, now.

Oh, I LOVE the pix you post. The little blonde girl holding the blue Easter egg is fabulous! Keep up your astonshing and necessary dance, Athana.

Love to you,