Friday, April 27, 2007


Heard the stuff about cell phones bumping off the bees? Here's an interesting take on the issue:

What if we all decided not to work on the assignment of blame, as the dominator culture would like us to spend our time doing, and instead, like witches who threaten the established mentality by not only thinking outside the box but sometimes using it as a container instead of a cage...

what if we forsook blame and began to seek how we can help the bees, both escaped and wild, and the other members of the body of the Goddess,such as, not cutting down the apple trees and laying out asphalt, planting flowers that are bee, hummingbird, and butterfly friendly (a hard task because you can't sell bees, hummingbirds or butterflies, so this is a waste of time and space and an offense against capitalism)

and the ultimate offense: don't buy anything you don't need. if you need a cellphone, buy it. If you don't need a really fancy upscale phone and the old one still connects you with friends and family, keep the old one. Ditto for the car. Ditto (a wonderful goddess who makes more of a good thing) for the new "whatever" that you buy only to assure yourself that you still have some choice left in the world.

the mainstream culture does not like women who say no, especially when asked to hand over her money.

witches bend reality, remember that one? It's not hard when what we are supposed to believe is reality is actually a manipulation technique that was cooked up in the knot on the upper end of the patriarchal neck.

Rainbow bubble ecstasies to us all,

nancy r
~From the rcgi (reformed congregation of the goddess international) news group


lizz.duff said...

Hi, Nancy,

Loved your comments about bees and cell phones. Made me think about BEES, BUSES AND BUYING.

Out tiny friends the bees are the metaphor and the actuality for Goddess' fertile creation. She, in Her infinite love, gave us bees to pollinate and fertilize all manner of our plants.

And we, under the patriarchal convenience-at-all-costs system, respond with cell phones. And an early study links cell phone use to disabling the bees' navigation apparatus.

Ten years ago we did not need cell phones, becasue we did not have them (or was it 15 years?). Why do we need them now? What conversation is so crucial it cannot wait to get home or to work or to our friend's house?

And, if we are going to honor Goddess by underusing the capitalist economy (GREAT idea), what about the cars you mention? Why not form Car Free Clubs? Car pool, walk, bike or bus as an option. Start slow, get a peer group together and embrace the "outside the box" life that just might save this glorious planet Goddess gave to each of us. And the bees on it.

NOTE: I estimate 20-30% of bus riders getting on buses I ride in Seattle are talking on their cell phones, as they enter and pay their fare. Never stop talking. Yow!


Aquila ka Hecate said...

I refuse to own a cellphone, which marks me as 'eccentric' in this culture.

Even our beggars at the traffic lights have cellphones.

Colony Collapse Disorder has apparently not hit South Africa - yet.

I'm waiting for Spring.
Meanwhile,I'm trying to get the question out there.

Great thoughts on witches and countering the dominant paradigm.
I try, in a thousand small ways, to do this.

Terri in Joburg

Anne Johnson said...

I am so proud of my witch car. When I go out of my inner city school where I teach, it's the worst car in the student parking lot. That means kids who live in the ghetto have better cars than me. But I love my bumper-sticker slathered baby. She gets her oil changes, and she's rockin on!

Morgaine said...

This is killing me. I love my cellphone. Let's not be hasty, though - they don't know for sure that it's the cell phones. That' just one possibility. It may be the frankenfoods that are contaminating crops all over the planet, or it may be pollution, pesticides, global warming, etc.

I do like Bill Maher's take on it - He said it's Mother Nature's way of saying "Can you hear me, now?"