Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Z Budapest: New Website

Z Budapest, a beloved early leader in the Goddess Movement, has revamped her website and begun a new blog. Take a stroll on over and check it out.

"Come hither Boomer Women, Goddesses of our times, you with a bit of life's mileage on your soul! Come, Maidens with rosy cheeks and tumbling curls! Come Crones and Wisewomen, you who guard the secrets of life! Come Mothers and Daughters! Come Tough Girls and Tomboys! Come Vixens and Vamps! Global Women: Chinese, Latina, Japanese, German, Dutch, Portuguese, come women of the world! Come if you feel empty inside, there is soul food for you here. Come in all sizes: fat and skinny; in all kinds of magical traditions: Wiccans, Witches, Bitches, Middle aged she-fairies, Madonna worshippers, Virgin lovers, there are sympathetic hearts for you here."


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Morgaine said...

I'm so glad Z. is blogging! So many of our foremothers are ailing - Z. and Shekhinah most seriously - that I want them to get their words out to as many people as they can while they can.