Friday, March 16, 2007


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is untrammeled and unrepentant: "I am supposed to apologize for saying the prophet [Muhammed] is a pervert and a tyrant," she declares. "But that is apologizing for the truth."


Ayaan Hirsi Ali, you are a heroine. We salute you.


lizz.duff said...

This extraordinary woman is INDEED our Goddess incarnate---standing up to the HeGod at the risk of her life.

I am struck by her description of Islamic women as "son-factories". Fundamental Christians do the same. Women are their sacred breeders. I have been to their services. Scary stuff. While our Mother Goddess Earth reels into morbid fever from overpopulation and greenhouse gases.

A side bar: my lover is a Mevlevi Dervish---they dance and spin as the core part of their ritual. The Mevlevi were founded by Rumi, who often refers to his deity as female. The Mevlevi are an offshoot of the Sufi, who are historically considered the mystical part of Islam. Have you heard that the Dervishes may be a sublimated form of Goddess worship? Maybe they are far enough away from the Islam in the article to feel the ancient power of Her.

BUT, why sublimate when you can have the real "I-love-you-and-you-don't-have-to-kill-your-son-to-prove-it" Goddess of ecstasy and power?

I LOVE your blog. I start each internet session with you. Keep Goddess comin' at us!


Anne Johnson said...

That's funny. I start each internet session with you too. I think this woman is very courageous. She'd better have someone watching her back. Daddy God will not be pleased, and he's got a lot of badass homies.

Morgaine said...

For those who don't know the story, Theo Van Gogh, great nephew of Vincent, made a documentary about Islam's harsh treatment of women, and Ayaan participated. Theo was stabbed by an extremist, and a threat on Ayaan's life was wrapped around the knife used to kill him. She's targeted for death by radicals. THAT takes courage, to face that kind of hatred every day, and still continue to speak out and fight.

I saw her on Bill Maher a while back and she was astonishing. Goddess incarnate, indeed! May we all have such courage.