Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Dear Bunches of Beautiful Blog Readers,

What TV channel do you flip to, to get the daily news about the fighting in Iraq? About anti-war protesters? About how our returning soldiers are cracking up? About our hordes of homeless dudes, battered women, and runaway teens? About New Orleans?

Like, uh, I wanna be able to turn on some channel whenever and get news about not some, but all of my people. Not just the ones Big Bro wants me to see, but the ones who show how we might be blowing apart at the seams. I know that channel's out there somewhere, 'cause everyone's always talking about 'the liberal media.'

Love always,
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Aquila ka Hecate said...

I also often wonder who this Liberal Media is that I keep hearing about.

Unfortunately Athana I can't help you with a channel.I've decided to cut down on my daily intake of news- which radically increased, along I suspect with many other peoples', after 9/11.

I can only catch the local stations in any case-not having succumbed (sp?) to the satellite pressure, as I really don't buy into the dominant paradigm.

I get most of my news from the Wildhunt, Hecate, and you.

Terri in Joburg

Anonymous said...

As I understand it surveys show that US journalists are significantly to the right of the public on most issues, which is why you feel like a loony red, even though most people you know agree with you :-)

I don't watch TV either, but I get BBC radio 4 online.

This would make me prematurely middle aged, if it wasn't for www.schnews.org.uk making me choke on my earl grey occasionally
Anarchist newsletter with a sense of humour.

Anne Johnson said...

BBC World News Tonight, 7:00 p.m. every evening on the local PBS channel.

Medusa said...

I agree with Anne. BBC is a good source. My other recommendation is not a station but a program: Keith Olbermann's program (called Countdown,I think...) on MSNBC. Here in the East it's on at 8 p.m. Keith has become known for his outspoken, on-target "Comments" pointing out the scurrilousness of the current US administration, among other things. He doesn't do these every night, but when he does, they are always worth watching. You can probably read KO's Comments on the MSNBC site (I think he has a blog on there too.) I also like to watch live stuff on C-Span--nice to make my own judgments without the jibberjabber of the pundits trying to make my mind up for me.
And then there's the Daily Show and the Colbert Report on Comedy Central ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you have Free Speech TV or LinkTv you can watch Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. :) erin

Athana said...

Thnx for all your channel suggestions, folks. I get most of my news from Air America, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart, which is why, medusa, I don't catch Keith Olbermann very often (he competes w. Jon S. for the same time slot). I turn to 74 (BBC) all the time, but now that I know the news is on at 7, I'll tune in then. I love Amy Goodman and Democracy Now, and I do C-Span at least a coupla times a week

In my opinion, Air America outshines everything on TV by about 20-fold. I'd still like to see a TV channel that did news 24-7 the way CNN and MSNBC do, but I want this channel to cover the poor, the homeless, global warming, runaway teens, current news on the elderly and any problems they're having, anti-war protests & protesters, the news on our mentally ill, nightly news on our migrant-worker population, women sold into slavery here and abroad, the news on abused kids and gay and lesbian issues. I want a station for these people. They don't get covered on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc. -- at least not every day (or week, or month, or, in some cases even once a year).

What, they're not people?

*This* would be a beginning at a "liberal media."