Monday, March 26, 2007


Two recent emails to my new Goddess Group (which is flowing right along – next week we’ll gather for the fifth month in a row):

For years, now, a virtual war has been raging over the issue of ancient matriarchy. The warriors: theologians, archaeologists, feminists and prehistorians, primarily. I’ve thought about this less in terms of matriarchy than utopianism. When societies revolved around female deity, they tended to be more peaceful, less socially stratified and more democratic. And 'social stratification' covers a whole multitude of sins -- from sexism, racism and ageism to classism, slavery, poverty and so forth.”

“Goddess devotees have been tricked into believing a Goddess utopia didn’t exist. Many powerful forces want us to believe it didn’t. The fact is, however, much of the evidence suggests it did.”
thnx to Young and flickr for the foto

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