Monday, March 05, 2007

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, Little Tiny Town lost its mayor in a plane crash. Belinda Bright and Sue Shiny were super excited about running for the vacant mayor's seat.

Billionairess Winona Wiley of Winona's Widget Factory called Sue into a back room : “Sue! I’ll give you a half a bill’ to campaign for mayor. But -- ya hafta promise that after you become mayor you’ll look the other way while Winona's Widget keeps on killing Little Tiny Town’s water and air.” (The Factory's pollution had put Little Tiny Town on the map -- for having the nation's highest cancer rate.)

For the months leading up to the election, Sue’s face is smashed onto the TV screen 24/7. Belinda Bright's funds pay for one ad a week -- on the cartoon channel.

After Sue becomes mayor, she gets a gleam in her eye, “Aha! Now I can do anything I want! I’m gonna smash Winona and her pollution!” She tries. And lo and behold, on a vacation flight to Florida, her plane mysteriously crashes; she dies….

Winona to Melinda Mild: “If you look the other way while we pollute, we’ll give you a half a bill’ to campaign for mayor of Little Tiny Town.”

And so it goes.

THE SOLUTION: (1) The boring, boring [excuse me while I yawn], boring, boring thing called “campaign finance reform.” No one who runs for office should get any more money than anyone else. Even playing field and all that.

(2) The US of A used to have other laws in place to keep the filthy rich from being filthy. "Trust Busting" laws etcetera. We need to bring back those laws.

Unless of course we all want to become slaves to Winona Widget -- which is where we're headed.
thnx to kjirstin at flickr for the foto

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Morgaine said...

Absolutely - We need to be able to elect the best candidate, not the richest.