Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Goddess bless the U.S. Secret Service! What busy little bees they are. Turning over every stone and toadstool for threats to Baby Bushlet.

Latest threat: candidate for U.S. Presidency in ’08, Jonathon 'The Impaler' Sharkey from NJ. Mr. Sharkey promises to run on a platform that includes impaling Bushlet if and when he (Mr. S.) is elected.

Mr. Sharkey had only one complaint about the Secret Service: “They never even asked to see my impaling stick!” Mr. S. is running on the ticket of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans party. Backing him all the way is his lovely wife, Spree.

For MORE on Mr. Sharkey's campaign go HERE or HERE.

MY QUESTION: Mr. Sharkey is obviously patterning himself after the famous Medieval clod Vlad the Impaler. But was Vlad a pagan -- or a Christian? Should Mr. S. be allowed to run as a candidate in a party of Witches and Pagans? Shouldn't we insist he switch to the "Christian Vampyre & Impaler Party"?
thnx to scarry for the pic


Anonymous said...

I think Vlad was a Christian, and actually a national hero in Romania, for resisting the turks. Eastern Europe has a lot of heroes like that. Sometimes it reminds me of that Monty Python sketch:

Journalist: "Tell me about the gangster Mad Frankie."
Joe: "Oh he's a lovely bloke, old mate of mine, we go back years."
Journo: "didn't he nail your head to a railway sleeper?"
Joe: "yeesss....but I wouldn't hear a bad word said against him"

I digress. Always like novelty candidates. I miss Screaming Lord Sutch and the Monster Raving Loony Party (it was a British thing)

Anne Johnson said...

Very bad publicity and negative vibes for the pagan community, and not very funny either. The Goddess will take care of Dubya in her own time. We don't need to impale him.

Athana said...

Sorry I missed the Raving Loony Party, anon. Sounds like a hoot.

anne, I tell ya, today when I heard about a 20-year-old woman whose spine is separating, but who's being sent back into combat anyway -- because dubya's short on troops for his "surge" -- I hafta admit I felt a fleeting urge to become Vlad for a day and take a ride to DC. It'd be one thing if she were the only thing he's hurt and is hurting. But his hurt just keeps on giving, and giving.

I agree, though, that this Sharkey dude is not someone who belongs anywhere near the pagan community.

AS a matter of fact, I just looked up Vlad the Impaler and found this interesting tidbit: "During his time as a 'distinguished prisoner' before being fully pardoned and allowed to reconquer Wallachia, Vlad was hailed as a **Christian** hero by visitors from all over Europe."

Even War-God-worshipping pagans have never been as warped in the cruelty department as YAJ followers. From an early age YAJites are schooled in being cruel. They get holy-book lessons on hell, which provides them with at least 101 ways (if not more) to be mentally-deranged-cruel to other human beings.

Pagan children never get warped this way.