Friday, March 09, 2007


If we'd let Her, the international Mother Goddess could pacify and unify our entire world.

Every country in the world is blessed with its own ancient Mother Goddess to return to. Before being forced underground by the bogus War Gods, She was our natural guiding light

The Great Mother Goddess shivers at the idea of war, social snobbery, self-inflicted wounds, and/or a lack of a sense of humor. She adores us the way a healthy mother adores her children: with no strings attached. You don't have to kill your son Isaac to win Her love.

When we centered ourselves around Her, we had no wars. We were all freedom-loving, non-violent, generous, playful, creative risk-takers. She teaches us to love each other with stars in our eyes -- just the way She loves us.

In some ways the international Great Mother Goddess is like the virgin Mary. But unlike Mary, there's no War God looming behind Her holding rabbit ears up behind Her head. Our Mother don't 'low no wars between Her kiddies; there's no War God pushing Her around!

Also unlike Mary, our Mother Goddess is full of playfulness. She loves a good joke and some clowning around here and there. And to Her, sensuality is a sacrament -- Her gift to us. She urges us to enjoy all our senses.

So people, what is our problem?!? Why are we carrying snooty-snob, bully-boy, me-first, uptight godlets like Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh and Vishnu around on our backs when we could be enjoying sensuality, unconditional love and permanent international peace by booting these bully boys and returning to our true guiding light, the International Great Mother? Jeesh!
Thnx to irinsmith for the foto


Anne Johnson said...

I would like to thank the Blessed Mother Goddess for sending nice faeries to help me through my long-term substitute teaching job. I only lost one library book, the scissors belonging to the permanent teacher, and a high-quality paperback I'd given to a student from my home. All of the above can be replaced.

Athana said...

Do I detect your fairy Puck at work here a la the scissors and library book?

Morgaine said...

Anne - bless your heart! Teachers and nurses are sacred and should be the highest paid people in our society. Thanks for doing that!